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๐Ÿ” a product manager's perspective of everyday things.

Naming the blog

Arjun Uvacha (/หˆษœหสคสŠn สŠwษ’สงษ‘ห/)
Arjun Uvacha is a Sanskrit phrase which simply translates to ‘Arjun said’ or ‘Arjun spoke’.

This phrase gains significance from the Hindu scripture ‘Bhagavad Gita’, in which the troubled and curious Arjuna inquires Lord Krishna about what to do before the epic war of Kurukshetra.

The dialogues between the Lord Krishna (the one imparting the Knowledge) and Arjuna (the one seeking the Knowledge) are exchanged. These dialogues are represented in the scriptures as ‘Krishna Uvacha’ (Krishna Said…) and ‘Arjuna Uvacha’ (Arjuna Said…).

As a Product Manager, I too ask many questions, to myself and many other ‘Krishnas’, I meet in my journey.

The answers to these questions could be as simple to understand as a yes or a no or could take a life experience to realise the intricacies and the complexities.

No matter how easy or difficult the answer is, it is the curiousity and the perennial pursuit to seek the truth that is of paramount importance.

Keeping that spirit of curiosity at the center, in this blog, I try and pen down the questions I have asked myself, and others. And if the pursuit of truth is relentless, I think, the answers will follow, and I will add them here.

Thus the name for this blog!

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About me

I am Arjun, a product manager.

It is rather inconspicuous how our behaviours are shaped. They make us do certain things in a certain way; and the role of products around us in shaping our behaviours is compelling, which has always fascinated me.

And here I am, trying my bit to build better products, for Good!

Blog set-up

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